Integrate Compare++ into Microsoft Team Fundation Server

Through a very simple command line interface, Compare++ can integrate into many version control systems such as TFS(Microsoft Team Fundation Server), TortoiseSVN/ CVS, SourceOffSite and so on.

Here, take TFS for instance to step by step demo how to use Compare++ as their comparison tool.

1. Open Visual Studio, and click menu "Tools -> Options..." to open Options dialog

2. Select "Source Control -> Visual Studio Team Foundation Server", and click "Configure User Tools..."

3. Click "Add..." on Configure User Tools dialog;

4. Fill in the following forms:

Argument%1 %2 /backup_left_file

Up to now, the configuration has been finished, you can compare two files through the following steps:

1. Right click file name in TFS and click "Compare...";

2. Select source and target file paths;

Now, the comparison results can be shown in launched Compare++.